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På STUNS driver vi Stories – där studenter ges möjlighet att vidareutveckla Uppsalas testbäddsmiljöer. Det gör vi för att det är ett ypperligt sätt att förena unga talangers nytänk med behovet av att få fram nya hållbarhetslösningar.

I år har vi extra fokus på hållbarhetsutmaningar på landsbygden och inom cirkularitet. Dessa projekt ligger inom ramen för Hållbar innovationskraft på landsbygden och SCALE UP, som finansieras av Region Uppsala respektive Europeiska unionen genom NetZeroCities.

Purpose of Stories

STUNS is a foundation that promotes collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, the business sector, and society to foster sustainable development. One way we do this is through the collaborative concept called Stories, where students tackle the current sustainability challenges faced by companies and organizations.

The purpose of Stories is to allow students to participate and influence sustainability and innovation projects. There is a great deal of competence and drive among the students at our two universities here in Uppsala, SLU and Uppsala University, which must be utilized to a much greater extent. The unbiased and creative mindset of students challenges stakeholders (clients) to work outside the traditional frameworks, thereby fostering innovation in the projects.

Stories also aims to offer students the opportunity to build a network and develop an interest in potential future employers through various activities and events.

How does Stories work?

STUNS möter och identifierar hållbarhetsutmaningar hos företag och organisationer i Uppsala län som kräver nytänkande lösningar. Utmaningarna formateras som case som skickas ut till lämpliga program på Uppsala universitet och SLU. Casen kan studenter ta sig an under examensarbete, projektarbete eller praktik. När studenterna antingen valt ett Stories-case eller blivit tilldelad ett kopplar STUNS ihop dem med uppdragsgivaren, som kallas för behovsägare. The stakeholder guides the students throughout the project and provides support with the available knowledge and resources. The students will also have a designated contact person at STUNS who will support the collaboration, and as usual, the students have an academic supervisor assigned by the university who is responsible for the academic aspect. 

Stories concludes with an event called Stories Take-off. This event aims to showcase the investigations and solutions that have been developed and takes place at the end of May each year. Stakeholders, STUNS partners, course coordinators, and other individuals from the business sector and society are invited to the event. For more information about Stories Take-off, please refer to the "Events and Registration" section.

Information for stakeholders

Criteria for stakeholders

För att kunna vara behovsägare och delta i stories finns det en del kriterier som behöver uppfyllas. Utmaningen behöver vara nytänkande och innovativ och man behöver ha förberett med data, rapporter och dylikt som behövs för att starta projektet, samt ha en plan för hur utredningen ska tas vidare hos verksamheten. Behovsägaren måste också kunna lägga tid på att handleda studenterna genom hela projektet, mer tid i början och slutet. Hur mycket tid som krävs beror på er och studenterna. Kick-off och Take-off eventen är en synnerligen viktig del av stories. Det är ett ypperligt tillfälle att visa upp ert företag eller organisation, och få en närmare relation till akademin. Behovsägaren måste också kunna erbjuda relevant platsbesök inom projektet för studenter. Viktigt att tillägga är att behovsägaren inte ansvarar för den akademiska delen av projektet, det vill säga rapportens upplägg och innehåll.

What happens after Stories?

As mentioned, stakeholders need to have a plan from the beginning on how the investigation will be implemented within their organization. Initially, conducting a presentation within the organization can be a good way to disseminate the findings internally. At STUNS, there is an opportunity to hire students part-time to continue their work on the project at the stakeholder's organization, which we refer to as STUNS Academy. For more information about this, please refer to the "What happens after Stories?" section.

Events and registration

Events offered during Stories

The events are only for students who have projects within Stories.

Stories Kick-off

Gäller endast studenter och behovsägare som gör projekt under vårterminen

A kick-off event where students and stakeholders within Stories come together, followed by inspiration, information, and deadlines. The kickoff is typically divided into two sessions, and you will receive information closer to the date regarding which session you belong to, based on your organization/stakeholder.

Breakfast event: Pitch workshop

Only for students. Limited number of seats available.

A workshop where students receive tools and tips that can be used for pitch videos and networking during the Take-off event. Read more about the submission guidelines here.

Stories Take-off

For all students.

A closing event featuring presentations, discussions, and networking. Stories students, stakeholders, university representatives, and other interested parties are welcome to attend.

Important information for students:The presentation of your work will only be in the form of the pitch video you create before the event.


Parts of the events are financed by,

Inlämningar: Pitchfilm och sammanfattning

Pitchfilm och sammanfattning

During the final phase of the project, students are encouraged to create a summary and a pitch video, which will be presented on the website and shared during the Stories Take-off event. Read more here!

What happens after Stories?

After completing your project or internship, there are further opportunities to develop your project. Some students have started businesses based on their projects, for which there is free support available through UIC (Uppsala Innovation Centre) and Drivhuset. Others have been offered additional employment by the stakeholders they worked with during their projects.

At STUNS, we sometimes hire students to continue their Stories project or work on other relevant projects through what we call STUNS Academy. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Read more about UIC
Read more about Drivhuset
Read more about STUNS Academy

Stories i praktiken!

Hur ser upplägget ut?

As a participating student, you primarily participate in the four different activities described on the right. Throughout the period, there are also check-ins, site visits, and fieldwork between STUNS, students, and stakeholders.

Stakeholders are warmly invited to participate in both the Kick-Off and Take-off events, where they initially get a chance to meet the students and gather inspiration for the upcoming work. They will then have the opportunity to hear about the progress of the different projects.


Uppstart och registrering

Stories inleds med att studenterna och behovsägarna får en chans att möta varandra inför det kommande arbetet. Här är det viktigt att ni registrerar er, och för de projekt som ännu inte startat i mars erbjuds en Kick-Off.

Talangutveckling och stunsaktiviteter

Under processens gång kan det tillkomma ytterligare aktiviteter, som är till för att ni ska kunna kompetensutveckla er och få de verktyg som ni behöver inför projektet. Mer information om detta skickas i så fall ut till er personligen.


At the end of the case, a submission should be made in the form of a summary of the case along with a pitch video describing the work.


Stories conclude with an amazing Take-Off where students and stakeholders gather to present and share how the work has progressed. This event provides opportunities for networking and mingling, and it's a great chance to learn about the other cases that have been carried out.

Anmäl dig till Stories olika event redan nu!

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Delar av Stories finansieras av,

Stories har genom NetZeroCities fått finansiering av Europeiska unionens Horisont 2020-program för forskning och innovation, enligt bidragsavtal nr 101036519.