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Investigation of accessibility at Fyrishov, Arenor och Fastigheter

Adam Persson

Working at STUNS has probably been the best opportunity I could have imagined during my studies. Constantly hearing that my skills and expertise are valuable has given me confidence for my future career, which, in my opinion, is priceless.

Adam Persson

During the spring of 2023, Adam Persson, a student in Culture, Society, and Ethnography, served as both an intern and project assistant at STUNS. During this period, he carried out a project from Uppsala kommun Arenor och Fastigheter AB.

The project investigated the accessibility for two target groups: individuals with disabilities and LGBTQ individuals at Fyrishov. The project was conducted using cultural anthropological field methods, such as participant observation and interviews.

The result of the project is an accessibility checklist that is used to assess the accessibility for the target groups at Fyrishov. The hope is that the checklist can be utilized at multiple facilities and expanded to include more groups.