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Contact with the business community

STUNS organizes various types of student events that are open to everyone. We aim to bring student life, the business sector, and public organizations closer together, and raise awareness among students about job opportunities available in and around Uppsala. Uppsala is not just a thriving student city, but also a place where you can grow and develop throughout your career!

What does the future look like in Uppsala?

The Uppsala region is currently experiencing significant growth. From 2010 to 2020, the population grew by nearly 20%. We also have an incredibly high percentage of university-educated individuals per capita, surpassing well-known innovation cities such as Austin, Boston, Barcelona, Oslo, Copenhagen, Seoul, San Diego, and Tel Aviv. Moreover, we have a considerable number of international companies that are among the best in the world in their respective fields. Therefore, it's not surprising that Uppsala is expected to continue growing. In fact, there is a major expansion underway in Uppsala Business Park alone, which will create 15,000 job opportunities! Join us to meet companies, establish connections within the business community, and consider how you can personally grow alongside Uppsala.

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Which events does STUNS organize?

Case evenings

During our Case evenings you will have the opportunity to work practically in groups while also getting to meet and get to know companies in Uppsala.

Female Energy Evening

At the Female Energy Evening, we aim to highlight inspiring women who share their journeys and stories. Read more.

Stories & STUNS Academy

Stories and STUNS Academy provide opportunities for students to work closely with companies during their studies and offer various events. Read more.